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​​​​​​​​​Preventative Maintenance Program

ARMSCO is proud to introduce our all inclusive Preventative Maintenance Program that can eliminate any guess work that leaves uncertainty in your maintenance cost relating to your HVAC/R equipment for years to come.

​We at ARMSCO have extensive research on the short-comings of our competetors so-called full maintenance contracts.  From our findings, it is in our competitor's best interest to keep your warn out, inefficient equipment limping along to increase short term profits- all the while just kicking the can down the road.

​We have elected the alternative approach.

​How it works:

It's very simple !

​1. We assess your equipment.

​2. Quote you based on the environment and current condition of your equipment.

​3. Then we give you a 100% guarantee we will maintain or replace your equipment maintaining operational excellence and efficiency.

​​4. Our all inclusive, comprehensive pricing includes a 10% replacement of your facility's HVAC/R equipment as a part of maintenance budget

​​What this does is put both ARMSCO  and our customers in a position to have an exceptionally predictive budgetary figure from the maintenance budget, while eliminating any surprises  in late term costs.

​Additionally, the exceptional condition over time will eliminate the undesirable increases typically implemented by our competitors during contract renewal.

​Concluding in the long term lower cost all the way around and none of your equipment being over 10 years of age.
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