Refrigeration Services

Undisputed leadership. Unparalleled expertise.

With 30+ years of experience, ARMSCO is the undisputed leader in industrial refrigeration. We offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of self-performed services, from initial system design and contracting to refrigeration parts, service, maintenance and everything in between.

Whether it’s designing and building a new system from the ground up, servicing existing equipment, or rebuilding compressors, ARMSCO is an industry leader in the development of refrigeration facilities and systems. We have more than 25 support locations throughout the United States that provide comprehensive system rebuilding, expansion and warranty support.

Our extensive expertise encompasses ammonia, propane, propylene, and absorption refrigeration for food and distribution facilities,  pharmaceutical, petrochemical, power generation, gas plants and all other industrial facilities. No matter the application, our solutions provide enhanced system performance and operational excellence in preventative maintenance to eliminate  unplanned, unscheduled outages.

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